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I am a web scraping consultant and data engineer. Development and Automation of Custom Bots

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Good afternoon
I am professionally engaged in automating actions in the browser and in Android applications, web scraping data from any website
I automate Android applications and collect data from them
Web scraping of data from any website
I will write an automatic bot for the browser and websites

Creation and filling of online stores and catalog sites.

(I work with sites of any complexity, with copy protection and captcha)

And data processing in CSV, Excel.

Extensive experience in developing and extracting data from websites.
Transfer of catalogs of online stores, catalogs of company phones.
Automatically publish content to websites.

I work with web automation and parsing software
ZennoPoster, BrowserAutomationStudio
I am doing web scraping, data cleaning, data collection, data extraction, web page crawling. I am developing web bots.

Skype anato27


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